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Blood Song (Raven's Shadow, #1)
Anthony Ryan
Zipper Fall - Kate Pavelle Strange.
The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles Nice pacing! Highly recommended.

-1 for the cheesy lines during the sex in the end, felt very out of character for Stephen Day.
Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes Unsatisfying ending and not happy with the hint that Cillian and Prophet might be involved in the future. Is this going to turn into an M/M/M? Because, then it's goodbye.
Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6) - Ilona Andrews Enjoyed this a lot, felt tight and the chemistry between Curran and Kate is still as strong.
The Bitter Rednesses of Love - Dominique Frost 3.5 stars.

This is candy for the romance reader. Ever feel like you want to escape reality and read something bittersweet? This is your story!

Amy, it even has an arranged marriage!
Hammered - Kevin Hearne This was just a mess.
Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Kaje Harper This was a very good story. So good actually, that I think she should write mainstream fantasy, though this story had a bit too much erotica to be mainstream. Maybe an author capable of something like the Nightrunner series?
Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh Very sexistic.
Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh Chauvinistic crap.
Lost Won (Liaisons #3) - S.E. Culpepper This is a different story in a common soldier m/m setting. There is something sweet and romantic about this love story while still being hard ass. Recommended.
Black Hawk Tattoo - Aundrea Singer Hurt/comfort in a very real way.
A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper A story with fairytale characters on the border of naive but I liked it a lot. The dragon thing was interesting.
Night Games - H.C. Brown, KevaD This was a weird one.
The Other Guy - Cary Attwell 3.5 stars. Liked it, got a bit irritated in the end with Emorys tendency to not face his problems.
Sub Zero (An ESTO Universe Novel) - Angel Martinez Somehow it is a bit too ...romancy? to be a top level science fiction, but damn, this author has imagination. Love it.
The Cat & the Crow - S.  Hart A beautiful widower in a matriarchy society fight for survival over an evul stepmother and a shady past. Very intriguing story. Only drawback is that the main character had a change of personality in the end and I didn't feel the submissive thing worked. It ended the story in discontent instead of triumph. Definitely recommended though.